Say no to SIM lock 2

Bloqueio Nao

This is still about cell phones…
Brazilians started a movement against the SIM lock. When you buy a new mobile phone from any network provider it is locked to accept their SIM cards only. From my point of view I think it is extremely unfair. If I bought the handset I have the right to do what I like with it, it’s simple as that. Some people pay to have the phone unlocked, but I still think that the correct thing to do is to fight for the right to buy the handset already unlocked from the service providers. People should do it everywhere. It means freedom of choice.
NO SIM lock
Click here to visit the movement website (in portuguese).

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2 thoughts on “Say no to SIM lock

  • Monica Post author

    Hi Sarah, thanks for your comment. Although I disagree it’s good to see your point of view🙂

  • Sarah

    well i personally i don’t have a problem with what you suggested network providers selling unlocked phones. However i think they will definitely increase the price if they start doing this because the companys will be scared that people will just change networks as soon as a better deal comes up on another network provider. So it creates a race to the bottom. Or it just creates a stale mate because none of the companies will offer a better deal than the other phone prices will be locked as oposed to the phone being locked. Also I think Unlocked phones are especially good for thiefs who steal phones and then sell them on.