Happy International Women’s Day 1

When I joined the university in 1982 as a graduate engineer, there were only 10 girls in the class of 625 students. When I was 13 years old and I decided to begin surfing, as far as I can remember, I was the only girl on the waves with a […]

Coldplay In Corinthians 1

Like Wolverine the guys from Coldplay also are Corinthians fans. Yesterday three members of the band visited the club. They were on the pitch during a training session and had the opportunity to wear the official jersey and play with some members of the team including Ronaldo 🙂 Having said […]


Yes I know, this blog needs a new post. The thing is, I’ve been busy, very busy and I couldn’t stop to think about the 1000’s of things I would like to write, but I will. It’s a promise 🙂

Happy 2010 ! 2

Who had the idea of slicing time into pieces, which were given the name of year, was a genius person. Industrialized hope pushing it to the limits of its exhaustiveness. Twelve months are enough for any human being to get tired and give up. Then comes the miracle of renovation […]

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