Scruffy Pearl

Oh no! She put that medicine in my ears again! Click on the picture to enlarge

Do Not Love The Love

This is my English translation for a poem written by Luis Fernando Verissimo called “Não goste do amor” (Do not love the love, in English). This post goes to a friend of mine, another Brazilian who is Irish by heart 🙂 Love someone who loves you Someone who would wait […]

Driving Test In Ireland – 4th Attempt 2

I had my 4th Irish driving test last Wednesday and guess what? I PASSED! Yes miracles do happen! 🙂 To be sure, I had three lessons with an instructor from a motoring school in the test centre area. He was very good at his job and explained exactly how I […]

Love Is A Fire That Burns Unseen

Love is a fire that burns unseen, a wound that aches yet isn’t felt, an always discontent contentment, a pain that rages without hurting, a longing for nothing but to long, a loneliness in the midst of people, a never feeling pleased when pleased, a passion that gains when lost […]

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