Definitive, as everything that is simple. Our pain doesn’t come from the things that we’ve lived, but from the things that were dreamed up and not acquired. Why do we suffer? Why do we automatically forget what we had enjoyed and we suffer for our unfulfilled projections, for all the […]

Web Designers X Web Developers

It says it all 😀 Web Designers vs Web Developers is brought to you by You are most welcome to share this infographic with your audience.

Last Blog Post For 2010

This is my last blog post for 2010 and the “12 days of Christmas torture” is coming to an end. Let’s hope things are better in 2011 (the year of cat/rabbit) and more importantly, let’s all have a great new year, filled with success, prosperity, health, love and loads of […]

Happy 2011!!!

Your Shoulders Hold Up The World

A time comes when you no longer can say: my God. A time of total cleaning up. A time when you no longer can say: my love. Because love proved useless. And the eyes don’t cry. And the hands do only rough work. And the heart is dry. Women knock […]

Happy Xmas! Happy 2011! 2

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