Surf Lessons In Ubatuba – Part II 1

Last year, when we were in the North Coast of Sao Paulo, Fred had surf lessons with the well known Brazilian teacher Luciano Sant’anna. Luciano started to teach his son Luciano Brulher surfing when he was 2 years old. In July 2008, Luciano Bruhler and his surfing friends went on a trip to Nicaragua and shot a film and some great pictures while they were there. The two main features in the film and in the pictures are Luciano Brulher and Pedro Henrique aka ‘Neguinho’, a surfer who, in spite of having a car accident and losing the movement of his legs, has never given up riding the waves and does bodyboarding.
Luciano Sant’anna sent me an e-mail with some pictures of the surf trip and with the film trailer url. I prepared a photo gallery with 47 stunning pictures. They are worth a look:

The film trailer is cool. Luciano’s son (Luciano Brulher) is the guy who is wearing an orange t-shirt, he appears riding the barrel, doing manouevers like aerials and off-the-lip.

Fred can’t wait to go back to the north coast of Sao Paulo, either in Ubatuba or Caraguatatuba to have more surfing classes with Luciano Sant’Anna and to meet the movie star Luciano Brulher 🙂

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One thought on “Surf Lessons In Ubatuba – Part II

  • Silvia

    Sempre gostei de olhar o pessoal surfando, tive a minha bodyboard mas nunca tive coragem de tentar nada alem disso… Acho que surf nao e’ pros estabanados! Gostei muio das fotos, bjos 🙂