Adventures in blippo by Brian Heffernan

I was to post about Brian Heffernan’s exhibition since the day after we attended it.This post is now long overdue because we went to the show on the 16th of May.

An exercise in formal composition, Adventures in blippo is the result of designer Brian Heffernan’s long-standing fascination with the modernist-derived typeface Blippo Black.
Consisting of 10 one-colour A1 screen prints, each an edition of just ive, the series of works foregrounds, through its use of type as formal elements for the creation of nonlinguistic visual schemes, the signiicance of letterforms beyond their role as carriers of discursive meaning. Read more…

I thought about how to describe this exhibition but I could not top the description given by the studio. In my opinion and in the opinion of the group who went there with us the show was wonderful 🙂 Each piece of Brian’s art told a unique story. You can see some pictures of the event below:

You can also see pictures of the screen prints by visiting Brian Heffernan’s website:

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