Wolverine and Ronaldo In Corinthians! 3

Corinthians were relegated to the second division in 2007, a deep disappointment for all supporters, they regain their first division status in 2008 and became Sao Paulo state champions for the 26th time this year. Today Wolverine joined the team to make then even more invincible 🙂

Ronaldo and Wolverine at Corinthians

Ronaldo and Wolverine at Corinthians

Timão ê ôooooo!!!! 😀

Source: www.globo.com

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3 thoughts on “Wolverine and Ronaldo In Corinthians!

  • Thiago Ganzarolli

    Incredible. Although I was a little disappointed with the film, being fan of Ronaldo, Hugh and Corinthians and seeing those three elements together in the same picture was awesome!