I don’t know how many souls I have – Fernando Pessoa 1

I don’t know how many souls I have.
I’ve changed at every moment.
I always feel like a stranger.
I’ve never seen or found myself.
From being so much, I have only soul.
A man who has soul has no calm.
A man who sees is just what he sees.
A man who feels is not who he is.
Attentive to what I am and see,
I become them and stop being I.
Each of my dreams and each desire
Belongs to whoever had it, not me.
I am my own landscape,
I watch myself journey –
Various, mobile, and alone.
Here where I am I can’t feel myself.
That’s why I read, as a stranger,
My being as if it were pages.
Not knowing what will come
And forgetting what has passed,
I note in the margin of my reading
What I thought I felt.
Rereading, I wonder: “Was that me?”
God knows, because he wrote it.

© Translation: 1998, Richard Zenith
From: Fernando Pessoa & Co. – Selected Poems
Publisher: Grove Press, New York, 1998
ISBN: 0-8021-3627-3

My source: international.poetryinternationalweb.org

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One thought on “I don’t know how many souls I have – Fernando Pessoa

  • Silvia

    Lembrei de você outro dia, indo a Paraty passei por uma placa de pousada na estrada escrito Brazish… só que como a gente passou rápido eu li Brazirish! Besteira, mas lembrei! bjos e boa semana 🙂