Maradona Playing In The Brazilian Team & Guaraná 5

I have never accepted the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina as my granny and cousins are Argentinians but I really enjoy this TV advert produced in 2006. Maradona appears dressed in the yellow soccer jersey of Brazil singing the Brazilian anthem between Kaká and Ronaldo, after a while he wakes up in bed wearing the blue and white stripes of Argentina and says in “Portunhol” (a mix of portuguese and spanish):Caramba! What a nightmare! Caramba I have been drinking too much Guaraná Antártica. He was paid $150,000 for this 🙂
It’s an old TV ad I know but I still think it is worth posting about it.

And the making-of (in Brazilian portuguese):


Guaraná seedsWikipedia: Guarana from the Portuguese: guaraná, is a plant native to the Amazon especially common in Brazil. Guaraná is best known for its fruit, which is about the size of a coffee berry. As a dietary supplement, guarana is an effective energy booster – it contains about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans.
The word guarana comes from the Portuguese guaraná, which has its origins in the Sateré-Maué word warana.

The Legend About Guaraná

An indian couple, belonging to the Maués tribe, lived together for many years, always wishing that they could have a child. One day they asked the god Tupã to give them a child as a present to complete their happiness. Tupã, the king of the gods, knowing that the couple had good hearts, fulfilled their wish and gave them a beautiful boy.
Time passed quickly and the boy grew up to be handsome, generous and kind. However, Juruparí, the god of darkness, was extremely envious about the boy and the peace and happiness he gave to his family, Juruparí decided to end the his life.
One day the boy went to gather fruit in the forest and the god of darkness turned himself into a serpent and bit him, killing him instantly.
The sad news spread quickly. At that moment, thunder echoed and a lightening bolt struck near the indian longhouse. The mother, who was crying in despair understood that it was a message from Tupã, explaining that she should plant the child’s eyes and from them a new plant would grow yielding tasty fruit.
The indians planted the boy’s eyes. They grew into guaraná, whose seeds are black with a white surround, that looks like a human eye.

Guara = human being na = similar, alike

By the way I like Maradona and Guaraná. 😀


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5 thoughts on “Maradona Playing In The Brazilian Team & Guaraná

  • ben

    hey i dnt speak spanish or brazilian or whatever language ur talking in, BUT theres this coffee here (in britain) called “rocket fuel) which iv been drinking now for 2 weeks, and believe me iv lost just over 1 stone in weight, no excersize, just watch all the crap food u eat, THATS IT!!!!!!!!, easy peasy, btw rocket fuel coffee can be bought for £2.49 in asda

  • Silvia

    Uma das minhas maiores felicidades foi achar guarana’ no supermercado daqui no ano passado, mesmo eu nem tomando tanto guarana’ assim no Brasil. O irmao mais novo do Marc adorou, pena que eles nao tem sempre disponivel pra venda… Que bom que voce teve uma boa pascoa, bjos e otima semana pra voce 🙂

  • Leslie*****

    kkkkkk!eu lembro deste comercial, foi na época da Copa de 2006.achei muito bem bolado.
    Monica, uma ótima pascoa pra vc e toda sua família!

  • Milton Toshiba

    Que making-off bacana. nunca tinha visto. Achava que era uma montagem do Maradona com os outros jogadores da seleção brasileira.

    Tem uma propaganda do guaraná, onde tinha um jingle “pipoca com guaraná”, que ficou na minha memória.

    Feilz Páscoa Mônica!


  • pablo

    Muito bom!! Nao conhecia esse ad do Guaraná. Imagino que o Pelusa deveu ter recebido muitos milhoes de reais por vestir a camisa da canarinha e cantar o hino do Brasil!! Um pesadelo pra ele… se nao fosse pelo dinheiro, claro.