The Jewellery Of Andréa Marques 1

I came across a Brazilian craft worker called Andréa Marques who designs and manufactures high quality made to order jewellery, which has to be seen to be believed.
Andréa Marques has lived in Ireland since 2000, she is a very talented artist, each of her pieces has a name and a history. She uses various beads, stones and crystals and the clasp of the jewellery can be either gold or silver. I bought one necklace called Bon Bon which came with earrings. I thought it was so beautiful that a month later I went back and bought another necklace called Domani. I’ve introduced Andréa to my mother and she purchased three pieces from her, a necklace and two handbag charms. You can check out some of her designs in the photos below (don’t forget to view the full size image by clicking on the link) or you can visit her blog here and find out about the history behind each piece. :)

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