People Are Strange When You Are Stranger 1

It has been a long time without dropping a line here. I’ve been waking up and going to bed too early. I’m still trying to adapt to the new job 🙂 There isn’t many news.
Xmas madness is out there and it’s pretty annoying. Today when we were in the supermarket there were loads of nuts pushing the trolley against the other human beings, ‘so this is Christmas and what have you done ???‘.
In spite of my dislike to this stressed festive season we got a Hi-Tech fibre optic Xmas tree as I refuse to bring dead corpses, I mean trees, into the house 🙂 It’s a pity it doesn’t charge through the USB port on my computer. We plan to set it up on the 21st of December precisely at 12:04 (Winter Solstice) as people used to do in the pagan time until the Christians distorted the history and changed the dates and the meaning of the thing. Okay I know I sound strange, that’s the reason I’m embedding this YouTube video. Today’s song !

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