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Web Site Missing in Google Index

One of the web sites I designed and look after was listed in the first position when searched in Google index until last December. On the 22nd of January it simply disappeared from the index, I went to Google Webmaster Tools to see if there was something weird but everything seemed to be ok. I decided to check the keywords and everything else that it’s possible for a human being to check and everything was perfect, to my surprise, on the 27th of January the web site was back to the first position in Google index. In spite of the lack of logical explanation I felt relieved that the things went back to normal. Last Thursday I added three new phrases to all pages and a new page for a new product, on Sunday the “Google Index Drama” restarted and the web site disappeared again from the index, and worse, if I search locally (pages from Ireland) it moved to the 8th page, and to be a bit more bothered, the local competitor who sells the same product and has a poor homepage without any kind of SEO, is in the first position!!!! What the heck? The web site appears in the first place in other search engines as Yahoo! and Live Search, but unfortunately, it seems most of people in Ireland use Google as their default search engine. Because of this weird disappearance from the index the sales dropped.That’s so unfair! Any ideas about what could have happened to Saint Google Index in Googleland?

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