Do Not Love The Love

Baltinglass, from Church Hill. Image source - Wikipedia

This is my English translation for a poem written by Luis Fernando Verissimo called “Não goste do amor” (Do not love the love, in English). This post goes to a friend of mine, another Brazilian who is Irish by heart 🙂

Love someone who loves you
Someone who would wait for you
Someone who understands you in your crazy moments
Someone who helps you
Someone who guides you
Who supports you
And your hopes, and all of you

Love someone who does not betray you
Someone loyal
Someone who dreams of you
Who thinks of you
Who thinks of your face
Of your softness

Love someone who waits for you till the end
Someone who suffers with you
Who laughs with you
Who dries your tears
Who gives you shelter when you need
Who is happy with your happiness
And gives you strenght when you fail

Love someone who comes back after a fight
After a disagreement
Someone who walks with you
Who is a companion
Who respects your fantasies and illusions

Love someone who loves you
Do not love only the love
Love someone who feels the same about you

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