Happy Easter ! 2

We left the Easter eggs purchase to the last minute and guess what? No Easter eggs in the supermarket at all. To replace the Easter eggs and to continue behaving like a ‘normal’ person who is easily driven by the seasonal marketing I decided to buy some chocolate bunnies. They look really good, but the problem is, they are full of calories. One single innocent golden bunny (100g) has 543 Kcal !!!! I think I’m going to be content with the red ribbon and the bell only, they are 0 Kcal at least! Having said that, I wish a Happy Easter to all! 😀
Image by Monica.Copyright © 2010 Brazirish. All Rights Reserved

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2 thoughts on “Happy Easter !

  • Monica Post author

    @Marcos I’m glad your little girl got a big Easter egg, Your neighbour must be a very nice person. I think we learned the lesson – we are no longer leaving the chocolate eggs to the last minute 🙂

  • marcos

    we had the same problem we left for the last minute and them was nothing left to buy. my wife was so desapointed because we have a 4 years old gilr that was waiting for the Easter Bonnie rabbit, anyway she was lucky, our neigbour bought a big one for her and she was so happy