The Engineer 1

I’ve just found out that one of my great engineering lecturers died in March this year. This post is dedicated to all engineers and to all those who have an engineer inside. Light, sun, the open air wrap the engineer’s dream. The engineer dreams of clear things: surfaces, tennis, a […]

I am tired…

I am tired, that is clear, Because, at certain stage, people have to be tired. Of what I am tired, I don’t know: It would not serve me at all to know Since the tiredness stays just the same. The wound hurts as it hurts And not in function of […]

Love someone who loves you

Goste de alguém que te ame Alguém que te espere Alguém que te compreenda mesmo nos momentos de loucura De alguém que te ajude Que te guie Que seja seu apoio Tua esperança, teu tudo Goste de alguém que não te traia Que seja fiel Que sonhe contigo Que só […]

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