Things about Ireland

Shamrock Shake 4

I didn’t know of the existence of the Shamrock Shake until I moved to Ireland. It’s a green vanilla shake which is mint flavoured, as a Brazilian I found it very interesting, but I’d still rather have the ordinary vanilla shake 🙂

Winter Solstice 2

Images Tomorrow the Winter Solstice illumination of the passage and chamber at Newgrange will be available to be viewed on line at Heritage’s Ireland web site. The Sun will illuminate the passage and chamber between 8.58am and 9.15am Irish Time, unfortunately it will be 7.15am here in Brazil, too […]

Autumn Colours 2

These are some pictures I took in front of our house last week. To my surprise when I looked at my favourite tree today I realized that ‘she’ is nearly ‘bald’. Autumn is beautiful and intense in Ireland. In Brazil we don’t have the opportunity to see the colour change, […]

St Patrick’s Day parades

Happy St Paddy’s day ! Thousands to attend St Patrick’s Day parades

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