Having Fun

vozMe 1

You may have noticed that I am trying out a WordPress plugin from vozMe. VozMe is an online tool which converts typed text into a downloadable MP3 file, the Worpress plugin adds a ‘hear this post’ option in the end of each post. The funny thing is when the post […]

Igudesman & Joo

I was surfing on the web when I saw the video below on YouTube. The guy playing the violin is Aleksey Igudesman and the guy playing the piano is Richard Hyung-Ki Joo. In my opinion they are absolutely fantastic as musicians and as comedians. Their website is worth checking out, […]

Halloween (Part 2) 3

We went for a cappuccino in a café located in Lucan called Conrads. They gave us chocolate containing a slip of paper with a message. My message said: Let the Ghost in You Relax & Enjoy Halloween! Image from www.littlerainey.com

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