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Brazilian fan slags Spice Girls 2

Brazilians fans protested against Spice Girls tour cancellation through a funny video posted in YouTube. Personally, I don’t like the Spice Girls but I think the parody of the song “Headlines” written and very well sung by Rafaela Gurgel is great and hilarious 🙂 Check it out:

A Beach Belonging to the Brazilian Army 4

Military Beach in Salvador, Bahia We went to a military beach yesterday. It’s a private beach for military personnel and civilians who are staying in our hotel. The beach has a lovely natural swimming pool and all the infra-structure such as bar, restaurant, chairs and parasols. The waiters are soldiers […]

Here we go again! 1

I am so confused that I deleted my last post! 🙁 I posted to tell we are flying to Brazil on holidays next week! Hurray!!! We have lots of things to do and because we left everything until the last minute we are under serious pressure now! 🙂 But it […]

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